Joppe presprouting technique

Well begun is half done

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More information about presprouting

Each Sprinter2 Pre-sprouting Rack can be used to pre-sprout 3085 lbs (1400 KG) of seed potatoes.
Hanging in the rack are 14 standard Pre-sprouting Bags, each with a content of 220 lbs (100 KG).
This rack is 160 " (4 meters) wide, and can be stacked up to 3-high in a barn or shed.
This stack is 175" (450 cm) tall, 160" (400 cm) wide, and 47" (120 cm) deep.
The stack contains 9260 lbs (4200 KG) seed potatoes, with a size of 1.4"-2" (35-50 mm).

Seed potatoes, with a size of 1.4-2.2" (35-55 mm), can be pre-sprouted in wider Pre-sprouting Bags,
with cross strings of 5.5" (14 cm). These bags can carry up to 275" (125 KG).
The Sprinter2 fits 11 of these bags, for a total of 3030 lbs (1375 KG).

Because the Sprinter2 presprouting rack is 160" (4 meters) wide, the outer doors of the barn should be at least 175" (450 cm) wide.

For older barns, with narrower doors, the Pre-sprouting Rack model Classic is more suitable.
This rack is 100" (250 cm) wide, with extendable beams, increasing the width to 150" (380 cm).
This rack can support 2755 lbs (1250 KG), and can be stacked 2-high for a total of 5500 lbs (2500 KG).