Joppe presprouting technique

Well begun is half done

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Why pre-sprouting early potoes?

  • It has been shown from practice that it is of importance to cultivate a deliverable batch (40/+) potatoes as early as possible.
    In general the price drops down faster than kilos grow on.

  • By pre-sprouting you get a stone-hard sprout.
    However, it is important to harden the seed-potatoes over a long time (8 weeks and more).

  • Autumn delivery of seed-potatoes becomes possible.
    In this way pre-presprouting system Joppe becomes a storage system.
    Because of the discount for autumn delivery you already can recover the depreciation (within 10 years).
    You can then fill the Joppe presprouting bags in December – January.
    Let a strong shoot grow. Early varieties generally have a weak shoot.