presprouting technique

Professional pre-sprouting with little labor


  • Retail fresh potatoes have to be of excellent, equal quality.
    An equal crop, which stands dense has less problems with too much draught or rain.
  • Bringing late varieties to the market earlier can result in a higher selling price.
  • By means of pre-sprouting the number of tubers can be controlled to a certain extend.
    Early varieties with few tubers should be 40+ as soon as possible.
  • The number of tubers can be increased with the following method:
    Remove the top sprout, then harden in Joppe presprouting bags.
    The top sprout can be removed by making use of Carvon, Ethylene, boxes turner or via the chute.
    Thereafter you can harden the sprouts that appear via the other eyes in Joppe pre-sprouting bags.
  • A better Environmentally-friendly cultivation is possible.
    Through a quick growth of the crop quickly a “dense” crop develops.
    This gives a good weed suppression.
    Practice shows it is possible to cultivate table potatoes without, or with very little, herbicides.
  • An early harvest gives more distribution of labour and less harvest risk.
  • A better quality is possible with an early crop.
    You have more days for harvesting and in this way you can harvest under better circumstance


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