presprouting technique

Professional pre-sprouting with little labor


  • Less risk on Erwinia. Because the mother tubers are rotten sooner.
    There is less contamination with Erwinia.
  • Latent bacterial contaminations are visible sooner and thus are selectable.
    Thus it seems that more bacterial contamination occurs because of presprouting,
    but everything becomes visible in the field.
    Your subsequent cultivation is clean!
  • By presprouting your seed-potatoes the mother tubers are rotten sooner.
    It is of the greatest importance that during the digging up the mother tubers are already rotten.
    Removing the mother tubers on the digging up machine could probably also be possible.
    Mother tubers are a great source of bacteria.
    This is a main source of infection, together with moisture, damage in the digging up machine, and a high temperature.
  • Seed-potatoes going to early destinations should be old enough physiologically.
  • Presprouting makes distribution of labour possible.
  • The harvest risk decreases because of the quick start.
  • The field is emptied sooner.
    You have a better opportunity to quickly sow a green manuring crop


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